US Wikileaks Cablegate: Does it matter that much?

First and foremost we know there are only 220 of the over 250,000 documents in hand that have been published. Which means that this story has some way to run.

Predictably the local government rag ran a screaming headline quoting former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell’s assessment of Zimbabwe and in particular the opposition. No comment on what he had to say about the president though.

So then it got some of us thinking in the grand scheme of things, has there been anything that is shocking and potential to shift geo-politics on a global level? Yes it may be a bit embarassing in most instances but damaging? Not sure about that.

Think of the fact that Saudis want someone to beat Iran into the 18th Century. Errr, seriously? They are not exactly that friendly are they? Then Afghanistan is corrupt with a weak leader. I didn’t need a cable to tell you that.  China would favour a Seoul-led unified Korea in exchange for commercial concessions? Duh! Morgan Tsvangirai is clueless. Every kid and his grandmother know this.

So in the grand scheme things there isn’t much to get people throwing apples at the Oval office. I am just saying in essence,  based on these documents alone they should ride the wave, albeit uncomfortably.

In essence I am caught between two minds. As much as you like to see the embarrassment of a nation because of its inadequacies(how do you get documents stolen?) and plain stupidity(switching off your security system because it is inconveniencing)  you wonder if the risk is worth it.

Wikileaks may say that it creates a more transparent society but in the grand scheme of things who does it benefit. The citizen may claim to have a right to know but it is not always necessary to exercise that right.

Because now that we know, then what?