US Wikileaks Cablegate: Manna from heaven for ZANU-PF

Wikileaks did it again. They took a whole bunch of US cable documents and gave them to the world to the read and have fun with. Loads of things in there to make you realise that the US are not as inculpable as they would like to make everyone think.

One of interest is the cable from former Ambassador Christopher Dell titled the end is nigh. You can read the full text of the document by clicking here

In essence Dell heads the document with the phrase The End is Nigh and makes the usual comments that you would expect from a half-wit. In essence that America is interested in regime change and is actively involved. Of course he can say that because he has nothing to lose, since he can’t foretell that Wikileaks are going to leak this.

He describes Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe as ‘more clever and more ruthless than any other politician in Zimbabwe’ and adds that ‘he is a brilliant tactitian and has long thrived on his ability to abruptly change the rules of the game, radicalize the political dynamic and force everyone else to react to his agenda.’

He says a lot of stuff about how much pressure there is on the Old Man to leave including from within his party. And he sees an inevitability about this. Thanks to US efforts of course

What is also damning is his opinion of MDC and its leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe’s opposition is far from ideal and I leave convinced that had we had different partners we could have
achieved more already….

Morgan Tsvangarai is a brave, committed man and, by and large, a democrat. He is also the only player on the scene right now with real star quality and the ability to rally the masses.But Tsvangarai is also a flawed figure, not readily open to advice, indecisive and with questionable judgment in selecting those around him. He is the indispensable element for opposition success, but possibly an albatross around t heir necks once in power. In short, he is a kind of Lech Walesa character: Zimbabwe needs him, but should not rely on his executive abilities to lead the country’s recovery.

And if Arthur Mutambara thought he would be let off the hook then he would have been quite mistaken with Dell calling him ‘a light-weight who has spent too much time reading U.S. campaign messaging manuals and too little thinking about the real issues’.

Welshman Ncube is basically called a loudmouth and divisive while the rest of the chorus is defined as lacking in talent and intelligence.

Reference to the individual agenda of ‘natural allies’ is made as they fail to work together in a defined direction. NCA and WOZA are brought to book over this but it is put down the MDC to try to make them work together with them.

What is amusing of course, is the naivety of this document. It is quite wordy but has very little in terms of intelligence gathering. It is sloppy.

Two things to think about when it comes to Cablegate.

  1. What does America do in order to mend relations with those it has been unflattering about, in this case Morgan Tsvangirai. Oh have you read what they said about German Chancellor Angela Merkel?
  2. Who is leaking this, and why?

We of course will keep looking, where noone else is looking…