Wiener did show his wiener after all…

We in the boat now know that the more a politican denies an allegation the morely that the allegations are true. Take for instance one Anthony Wiener.

After spending the whole if last week denying that he showed his you-know-what to a number of women, he finally came to his senses and admitted that he did show his wiener after all.

What baffles us here in the boat is why he even tried to address the press even showing iritatation at the barrage of questions that came his way. It seems the more he tried to answer the deeper the hole he dug and once the ghosts starting coming out closet and started telling the world their versions of what transpired with pictures in hand, we knew it was a question of time before he admitted his transgressions.

At least this time he didn’t have to subject his wife to the toture of standing next to him during the press conference.

Shout out to the real Mrs Wiener.