The War Against the Vuvuzela Continues

Remember when Philip visit South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Who could forge especially with constant sound of the Vuvuzela at the stadiums.

Despite the popularity of the instrument pretty much every club in Europe banned it on the grounds of noise pollution and what not.

Not content with that, the anti-Vuvuzela clan has come up with a reason why they believe noone should be blowing the Vuvuzela around people.

They say it may spread the flu or TB. The argument? Every time you blow the Vuvuzela, a spittle shower similar to a sneeze, travelling at a four million droplets a second is released. And so there is saliva that is left and voilà, your apple a day is not enough to keep the doctor away.

Of course they say if you don’t have an infection, then you are perfectly safe to be around when you heave into the instrument, but trust health-freaks to want the Vuvuzela banned altogether in case he blower is sick and they don’t know it.

If the Vuvuzela was invented in Europe or America would it be under siege?

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