VIDEO: Doccie on children selling sex for 50c in Zim & how you can help

A local NGO Katswe Sistahood has produced a documentary of children selling sex in Harare, Zimbabwe

The video has the kids telling tales of how they entered sex work because of the harsh economic environment and after parents abandoned them or passed away with no assistance from elsewhere.

The stories are heart wrenching, and the situation will continue to worsen if we fail to take them off the street and help them access basic education and skills for self reliance.

Katswe is appealing for donations to support about 500 girls who are being sexually expoited, forced to sell sex for a meal. The girls, all of whom are under 18, are desperate for help.

Says Katswe:

A donation of USD300 will help us send a girl back to school annually, whereas an additional USD300 will ensure that she gets three meals a day for an entire year.

An additional donation of USD50 monthly could also help Katswe Sistahood sustain our Soup Kitchen for the girls, as well as our literacy and bridging classes, and therapy sessions for the girls.

A gofundme campaign has been set up. Click here to see how you can help

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