Vicious Schoolgirl Fight Only Tip Of The Iceberg In Schools Rot [VIDEO INSIDE]

A video in which two schoolgirls violently beat each other at a school in Zimbabwe has gone viral.

The video shot from a mobile phone shows two girls from the privately-owned Conway College fighting with four others standing guard to make sure staff don’t interfere.

One girl, in green appears to be more of the aggressors while the one in uniform seems less than keen to fight. At some point a teacher walks past and tells the girls to keep it down to which they say yes ma’am.

After a few expletive-ridden verbal jibes thrown at the girl in in uniform, the one in green, who is identified at Ruvarashe lays into her opponent. The two pull hair, kick, scream with the others less concerned about the safety of the pair but more about the noise they were making. Some voices of reason try to get involved but are drowned out. The other girls only step in to stop the fight after a knock on the door.

Now, as  a parent that is where you are sending your child to every single day.  The only difference is that this has been caught on camera and made Youtube. The reality is that all sorts of scandalous things are happening on school grounds. There have been videos that have gone viral, involving acts of violence, sex, drinking and who knows what else?

Just this year alone we have written on incidences in which kids have even died from school violence.

The school will obviously say that this is sort of thing is out of character but everyone who went to school will tell you that a school ground was the scariest place to be because of the ribbing you would get. Now it seems they take it inside and a beat-down takes place.

Check out the video of the fight below

If you can’t view it on this site check it out on Youtube.