UZ Student Hangs Self, Parents Blame Hip Hop

A University of Zimbabwe student from Bulawayo has hung himself at his home.

Dead finger
Suicide is complex bayat / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Kranos Nyangari, 21, recorded a video and sent messages to his friends announcing his death and requesting that he be cremated and his ashes deposited around  the yard at home. The third year electrical engineering student also sent details of his bank account, Ecocash details and passwords.

His distraught father blamed the ‘satanic’ influence of hip hop music, a genre he said his son was obsessed with.

I believe my son was being initiated into satanism through this hip-hop music.

The reaction of the father is symptomatic of the almost non-existent understanding of mental health issues. When one doesn’t understand something it is put down to demonic influences.

Now, suicide is an extreme solution to issues and is difficult to understand. Depression is a lonely place and to think that a genre in isolation can infuse those ideas into someone is far-fetched. This is not to suggest music cannot make people  feel  some type of way. The music cannot work unless one is vulnerable to certain insecurities and emotions. For example, a love song may not work for someone who is not remotely interested in being in love or is heartbroken.

Sadly for Krainos we will never really know what was happening with him and that is where the crux of the issue is. We are not documenting what the realities of people so as to prevent future tragedies. With young Krainos, it will be death by suicide and that is end of it. Will anyone study his life, and all that to see what pushed him to the end? How much of an analysis of the video will there be so as to make sure that we are certain of specific details?

Will we let the family go on with the belief that there was a demonic influence? Is that the best we can do?

Krainos’s story is in The Chronicle (Zimbabwe)

  • Truth seeker

    The rap music we see today is nothing but hypnosis over young black youth.Young black males see these people on T.V, and they admire them like they are super heroes. The U.S.A government has known since the good old days, that if you control the music, you control the children. I don’t why, or how, but the white elites are afraid of black people. Dr Martin Luther King was once considered the most dangerous man in America. And to stop another Dr Martin Luther King, they made sure the only black man we would ever see on T.V was a pimp, a drug dealer, or a gangster. The same thing is still going on today. Billionaires find poor black men and offer them millions of dollars to act like clowns and monkeys on national T.V. These rappers are working for the government and don’t even know it. Black Americans have no culture since we are basically a made up race. So black people are always looking for an identity, the federal government says “Hey! Let’s tell black men that they are supposed to be thugs, crooks, irresponsible, uneducated, and flashy”. This is the reason why nearly all rappers on T.V are black. The rappers just see the money they are being paid, and don’t realize they are nothing but high priced puppets, and a bigger plan to destroy the black race. It’s working though, think about this. Whenever a white boy has his pants below his ass, what do we say, we say he is acting black. See how hypnotized we are? We actually think that dressing like a dumb-ass thug makes you black. Their plan is working perfectly. When you see a black man wearing golden teeth, chains, thuggish stuff, he’s not doing that because he wants to, he is doing it because that’s what he is supposed to be doing. The government knows black people are searching for their role in America, and rap music tells young black men what they are supposed to be. This is for real. These rappers get paid all that money to be puppets and monkeys. Most of the buyers are white, but they look at this strictly as entertainment. Black kids in the inner city look at this as a way of life. I know some will say “Hip-hop reflects reality!” that’s not true, hip-hop creates reality. When the N.W.A released “F*** the Police” violence against cops rose 300%. That alone showed you how powerful rap is.

    • Qinisile Mazambani

      Its sad that you are perpetuating the stereotyping in an effort to explain complex things you do not understand. White music is littered with sex n drugs as well, so essentially you’re saying whites react better to bad influences of music than blacks. There are deeper structural problems than what you are pushing through. This kid who killed himself needed help and probably used hip hop to escape his problems. If only the father paid more attention to his son he could have seen that he is extremely troubled. We all see it coming but somehow we dont see it coming. Sounds like an oxymoron right? Only in retrospect do we reflect on his behaviour in the final moments that it makes sense that the young brother was on the verge of killing himself. But we ignore it because we dont understand it.

      Rest in Peace young warrior.

      • Truth seeker

        theres no such thing as black people or white people, europeans are making you stupid and taking advantage of you

      • S.K

        You, have spoken the truth. It’s easy to blame music or other outside forces than it is to stop and look inside ourselves for answers.

        • Truth seeker

          hip hop does not reflect reality, it creates reality.