Tuku Band Change: Calm Down People!

Columns and hours of opinion have been dedicated to the recent change to Oliver Mtukudzi’s band Given what we have seen in the papers you would think that he has picked up some random rejected kids from a talent show.

I think the way some quarters of the media have handled is a bit too reactionary. It is easy to forget that all the new members bar the new backing female singer have played with Tuku before so it is not really new. Some of the same hacks protested when some of these new members were released before, and yet Tuku’s sound still continued.

The fact that some of the new songs haven’t been played is natural because the old new members haven’t learnt them. They do know however, how to play the old songs. All of the new members are highly skilled and very experienced musicians. You can’t do too badly with Enock Piroro and Blessing Mparutsa in your band can you?

Now I wasn’t at the Chibuku show but from what I heard people had a good time. Add to that, the fact that the old man come straight to the show  from burying one of his confidantes and uncle,  Wonder Mukonowenzou. In spite of that, as I said people enjoyed themselves. A few people were surprised when people said there was no female backing vocalists, given that there was one.

As I said, I am not saying that it is all systems go, and that the level is the same as before. It is only 7 or 8 shows into the new dispensation and with musicians seasoned as they are, soon enough you won’t notice the difference.  Who would have thought the recently dismissed crew would have been so loved after Clive Mono Mukondo and crew left?

To get some perspective when you look at the number of people who have had their stint as Black Spirits then you realise that the whole thing is just being blown out of proportion.


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