Tsvangirai Apologises To Women He ‘Hurt’

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai took the opportunity to apologise to the women he may have hurt in his whirlwind chase for a wife.

He did this at the 13th anniversary celebrations of his MDC-T party saying that it was simply a genuine chase for a wife.

Tsvangirai says the terrains of searching for a wife were ‘rough and rugged’ and now he was settling for his chosen missus Elizabeth Macheka.

We think it is a good move and he really should have done this a while ago. It is simply doing the right thing really and when you have done that then everyone kinda wishes you well.

There are still a few things that he has to do to make things right by these women, particularly Locardia Karimatsenga who has the bite of a pitbull.

The sooner this goes away, the better. The apology is a very good start.

With information from the Sunday Mail (Zimbabwe)