Tsvangirai Weds Despite Marriage License Cancellation

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had a customary union wedding with his bride Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday, circumventing a ban on a civil union.

Tsvangirai exchanged vows with Macheka in front of guests at Raintree Lodge and the two exchanged rings but no  marriage certificate was signed. What this was, is not clear since a marriage already took place when he paid lobola for Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the daughter of ZANU-pf central committee member Joseph Macheka.

The wedding was conducted by a Roman Catholic priest. That came as a little peculiar to us given the fact that Catholicism frowns quite greatly on bigamy. One rule for some and another one for others we suppose.

The wedding comes on the back of a dramatic week in which a magistrate officer cancelled a marriage license issued after evidence that Tsvangirai married Locardia Karimatsenga.

Tsvangirai wedding pictures

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