Tsvangirai Weds Despite Marriage License Cancellation

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had a customary union wedding with his bride Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday, circumventing a ban on a civil union.

Tsvangirai exchanged vows with Macheka in front of guests at Raintree Lodge and the two exchanged rings but no  marriage certificate was signed. What this was, is not clear since a marriage already took place when he paid lobola for Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the daughter of ZANU-pf central committee member Joseph Macheka.

The wedding was conducted by a Roman Catholic priest. That came as a little peculiar to us given the fact that Catholicism frowns quite greatly on bigamy. One rule for some and another one for others we suppose.

The wedding comes on the back of a dramatic week in which a magistrate officer cancelled a marriage license issued after evidence that Tsvangirai married Locardia Karimatsenga.

Tsvangirai wedding pictures

  • Customary law should never been considered. Lobola is just casual meeting were ppl exchange gifts and leave no formal contract is made just a verbal agreement.

    the question now is what do we honor as a nation a verbal agreement overseen by relatives or under a priest.

    A move to arrest the PM will be implying we honour man more than man of God.(man rather than God).

    the court should have accepted the $1 gupuro and affidavit since it already accepted the lobola evidence. double standards.

    which brings us to the question are our courts political or legal instruments?

    • Customary law cannot be ignored. There is provision for it by law and it. Majority of marriages in Zimbabwe are customary.

      Gupuro can only be accepted in traditional rituals and NOT via court. The court does not have the authority and there are rituals that must take place.

      The decision was a legal decision. While conspiracy theories are exciting your are wrong on all points.

      • JJ Okocha

        ah yaz…where is tthe objectivity? 3-MOB dont you at least smell a very small rat????????

        • Conspiracy theories are fun. A lot of fun and we have heard a few. We have asked for proof and never gotten any.

          • laws can be repealed and this one should have been repealed ages ago.

            even if most of marriages are under customary law, i do not think it deserves a place in our society at the moment. hugely informal imagine if the Prime minister of Zimbabwe could get away from it what of tom, jack and Gringo(lol).
            it leaves a lot to be undesired because of no proper accountability structures “though they exist ”
            Churches and Zimbabweans have been wrong to put it first ahead of a formal marriage certificate/ceremony.

            sorry a more of an idealist and speak of what should be?

          • Not sure we understand your train of thought here