If This Is True, Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara Should Resign Now!

DPM Arthur Mutambara

Just came across a story on  SW Radio Africa which says that Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara commutes to Harare every week from his base in South Africa and the taxpayer is picking up his tab. In essence Zimbabweans are paying for this.

The article says that DPM Mutambara lives in Sandton and comes to Zimbabwe on Monday morning and then returns ‘home’ on Friday night.

If this is true then he has to resign now! If not, he must be fired. You can’t have a serving member of the government with one foot out of the door. In essence, what he is saying that he has no confidence in Zimbabwe and chooses to invest in South Africa. It means he does not trust his ability to do good for this country and presents himself as a hired gun, who is just here to do his job and get out.

It also says a lot about his bosses who have surely to do something about this blatant show of disrespect to the taxpayer. At a time when we have been all urged to tighten our belts it seems as if there is another rule for the masses and a different for our Deputy Prime Minister. Surely someone in government should see that there is something wrong with that scenario.

Where is your commitment, Professor Mutambara?

Mind you, I am not surprised.