Traffic Police, Kombi Crews Kiss and Make Up

Traffic police and commuter omnibus (kombi) crews who had been having a real go at each other for the past few weeks have decided that they need to get along.

One side (the kombis) has decided to deal with regularising their operations. The other side (the police) has agreed to work to stamp out corruption. This will also include whistle blowing and the works. The police also said the smashing of windows by their officers was not something that they subscribed to.

The kombi crews have also written to the Harare City Council looking for clarification on ranking. Ranks have appeared all over the place including one opposite the Holiday Inn which isn’t a good look if we are having foreigners visiting the country.

It is a start, because the whole corrupt police saga was getting out of hand. Sometimes you didn’t even have to be wrong but you feel like you have to pay him to not bother you.

Like we said, it is a start.

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