Former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Samantha Tshuma At It Again

So you go and you win Miss Tourism Zimbabwe and you represent the country on a global level. One would think that after that you are the symbol of grace and that sort of thing.

Not Samantha Tshuma. She has made every effort to make sure that she is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The latest has to do with her going to raid her ex-lover, Talent Mpofu’s flat in Bulawayo to get property she says she bought with her own money when she was Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

Not only that; she went there with her current beau Vukani Chris Mhlanga.

Just recently she was accused of defrauding an Indian man she met on Facebook of over $10,000.  They spent three weeks in Ghana last July.

Now,we are just saying this girl who even during the time when she had the crown was always followed by scandal – remember the ‘fake’ Facebook account – and we think that she needs to start acting like someone who has some sense.

We can only tolerate so much before we think she is taking us for a ride.

Then again, who are we to judge? We probably have some things that we get up to that would make her squirm.

The difference is, we have not won 14 modelling titles.

Source: Byo24News