There May Be Two Other Planets In Our Solar System

So remember when they told us that there were 9 then 8 then kinda 9 but realy 8 planets in our solar system. They may be about to change their minds again.

Saturn & Titan (RGB 8-10-13)
What is out there? Lights In The Dark / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

No, poor Pluto is not being treated like an ugly step-child. British and Spanish scientists say there may be two other planets in our solar system.

How did we not see them before?

Well they say they have seen unusual orbital patterns in extreme trans-Neptunian objects or ETNOs. ETNOs have same disperse bands as planets in that system and must be on the same solar plane or at least an orbital inclination of 20 degrees.

Geeks will love that.

Anyway unusual patters are forcing scientists to rethink things because of those unusual patterns. They have no idea how many planets may be in that neighbourhood but they are getting teary-eyed we can tell you that.