Text Message Lands Man In Court

We all know that the Mercedes Benz is the fantasy car for many a Zimbabwean. But a Murehwa man has gotten himself in a bit of a bother after sending a text message offering the heads of his wife and son for money to buy a car.

The man, Valentine Chafutuka met a Wise Mutenda at Roadport on2 January and proposed the idea.

On the same day he sent this message

 What’s up the deal if u successes (sic) i wil give you $3 000, i have 2 head of people nid a buyer find a buyer only, u make money reply asp.

Mutenda went to the police and a trap was set culminating in the arrest of the man when he presented wife and child, thankfully with heads still attached to respective bodies.

Chafutuka has since been charged with conspiracy to murder.

It’s creepy times we are living in, where your head could be put up for sale without your knowledge. We like to think everyone is normal but in reality some have a few other things going on in their head that would make Chucky and his bride blush.

The easy and lazy thing to do is to blame it on the harsh economic times but this dude wanted a Benz…

Source: The Herald