Teacher Gets Community Service For Statutory Rape

In a really weird turn of events a 32  year-old school teacher has been given community service for bedding a 14 year-old former pupil at his high school.

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Celestian Matsika, who is a teacher at Kwite Primary School will have to serve 210 hours community service,

What makes the story even more galling is the fact he made a move on the girl while she was still in Grade 7. Grade 7! Like she was a baby.

His excuse is he did not know  that she was underage. But she was in Grade 7 dude.

Even worse he was transferred from other schools for sleeping with pupils. So this dude is  serial offender which should have been slapped with a custodial sentence. That he was given nine months, three of them suspended for five years and the rest on condition of the aforementioned community service.

It’s scandalous if you ask us. Totally scandalous. The message it sends is that one can do this sort of thing with impunity because you will just get a slap on the wrist. In a country that takes these sort of things seriously, Matsika would not have simply been transferred to another school. He would not have been allowed around children.

The court’s decision was apparently made because the magistrate felt Matsika would lose his job so what… err shame?

It’s a scandal.

With information from Sunday News

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