On Tatenda Taibu and Those Comments

Tatenda Taibu is a senior Zimbabwe cricketer. A lot of kids see him as a role model and an inspiration. He has done well for himself he has a legacy to ride on now.

On the eve of Zimbabwe’s return to Test Cricket he made what could be called an ill-advised comment. He said that no progress had been made by he board and cricketwas still as bad as before.

Now I am sure the young man feels he has only good intention when he says these things but  I am inclined to believe that such a representation would fall short of the truth.

My problem is not with what he had to say. I mean what do I know? I am not directly affected by Zimbabwe Cricket and I can’t say that my sources have no self-interest when they speak to me. Noone wants to look like the bad guy.

However given the timing, Taibu loses the argument here. On the eve of our return to the highest level of cricket you do not say things of this nature. True or not, there are ways to do these things. My question is, why wait until now? If the situation has been this bad since August, why choose the day before a moment of pride to trash everyone who is working towards trying to make the game respectable.

From a management perception point of view this is as they call it, a fail. No fair-minded person will think that any good can come from a statement of this sort from a current senior cricketer.

I like the young man but I am a bit disappointed to perfectly honest. I will just put it down to bad advice.

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