Supreme Court Upholds Appeal Against Kunonga

The Supreme Court has today upheld an appeal against head of the independent Anglican Province of Zimbabwe, Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga, by the the Bishop of Harare in the Church of the Province of Central Africa, Bishop Chad Gandiya over the seizure of properties by the former.

Giving its ruling the Supreme Court said Kunonga and his people had left the church and so had ‘no right to possess and control the property of the Church’.

The decision overturns a High Court decision recognising Archbishop Kunonga and six others as the trustees of the diocese of Harare.

We’re glad this story is done. It was getting a bit annoying.

This brings an end to the six year dispute between the two after Kuno

  • Pashy

    Finally, now we can go back to our own church premises, instead of waiting for the Methodist guys to finish their services then we attend our Anglican service.

  • BlazoWangu

    Finally!!!!! Mwari variko!