Supa Mandiwanzira apologises to Evan Mawarire. Pastor accepts

ICT, postal and courier services Supa Mandiwanzira has apoligised to #ThisFlag founder Pasto Evan Mawarire.

Supa Mandiwanzira

In a Twitter thread he said:

In my meeting with @CatrionaLaingl last week, after she had brought up the arrest of Pastor Evan Mawarire in our discussion, I gave the impression that the Pastor had skipped bail thus his arrest. At the time of my meeting with the Ambassador, this had been presented to me as fact and also thought it to be true. Today, having had sight of the court record, I recognize that I was wrong. The true facts are that the pastor did not skip bail and was not arrested for this reason. I wish to apologise to Pastor Mawarire and to anyone else who was offended by this mistake. I am also taking this opportunity to correct the misstatement to @CatrionaLaingl @UKinZimbabwe.

Mawarire responded graciously via his Facebook account:

Thank you for your apology minister Supa Mandiwanzira. Unfortunately he blocked me so can someone plse convey my sincere thanks

Five minutes of beef dead then. Glad that’s sorted out. Both men have a critical role to play in shaping this country going forward and personal little thingies are not a good look.

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