Stunner Sex Tape: What Is The Real Story?

Harare woke up today to a story about Zimbabwean urban groover, Stunner’s sex tape that was leaked last week. There has been a lot of sympathy from a cross-section of fans many questioning whether this is a story of public interest or not.

I think what it plays into, is the right to privacy that should be enjoyed by all people. I am all for tabloids and I think there are some horrible human beings out there that should be called out for unbecoming behaviour.  In this instance however, Stunner’s sextape is a private moment between him and his longtime girlfriend, Pokello. If he can’t be allowed that privacy then we might as well be breaking into his house and stealing material. Just because he is profiled, it doesn’t make him fair game.

To be honest Stunner is not going to suffer much because of this story. He has a lot of well-wishers and he is generally seen as one of the good guys of the industry. The person who will have some explaining to do is Desmond Chideme when the Chideme family has a look at the newspaper. He will have to face the music and I think there is very little care given for him in this matter.

I do feel sorry for him… unless he is the one who leaked it. Then ah well…

  • Cloudin

    why cant people leave these celebrities alone they human too you know..i think this is an act of miserable people who jus love to gloat when someone is down

    • It is a weird situation. we will see how the story pans out

      • Jumsonsketches

        Stunna was stupid….its simple…if u are a public figure recording such crap will get u in trouble…please note PUBLIC FIGURE!!!!! meaning u are in the eye of the public so hmetro just did what was right…inform the public lol

        • but did he do it for the public to see tho? Or did his personal information get into the wrong hands?

  • Princemtd

    sex is life

  • Mkabayi ka Jama

    Asazi Bo!!

  • Paul

    Mr article writer. Filming yourself having sex is pornography – end of story. It is immoral, it is evil and socially wrong. If he was just having a good time with his girlfriend, why not have your sex in private if he wanted to live a “private” life. For all you know, he could have leaked it to the press for the publicity. Never vouch for a living person, you will be disappointed.

    • if that is the case I suppose writing a love letter to your wife that could result in her arousal can be classified as pornography as well. All we are saying is that if a private communication is then broadcast, that is a problem. However if he has gone and leaked it, then ah well…

  • Anonymous

    Porno Porno Porno should be done by Porn stars not people like him in whom we look at to lead the community by good examples and influence…she looks stunning though …

  • Tendai Magore

    My question is, how many people out there actually record themselves having sex, and if they do what are they trying to acomplish by playing back and WHAT gloating on the positions or something. Besides Stunna is a grown man, with all the stories that come out in H-Metro, what with the polytech sex video and all and considering that he’s a public figure I mean c’mon some things shud just pass, even Jay-Z said he cant risk loosing $400 mill over a $300 mill deal that might get him arrested…but then again…

  • Royaltty

    interesting hey…. where do we download the video…. H-Metro, please share with some pervs here hahahaha

  • anopenga stunner imboko vanhu taivaudza vachiramba kuti team hombe

  • bla

    stunner vaka FOIRA apa…I don’t understand why he recorded it in the first place…hanti Simbi ndeyake……people don’t try to justify wrong things….

    • yaStunner ma1 tho. So you saying if it was not his ‘simbi’ he should have recorded?

  • Grace Anie

    Pokello my love don’t mind him so called Stunner b/cus u r not with again go on with Elikem both of u match ignor d talk

  • Grace Anie

    how can both of u stay and make love together, u now turn back an tape stupid video for some one to c marry is not talk an do, Pokello has found his choice so go an hang ur self Stunner u r a stupid man