STI infections in Harare shoot up by 47%

While there has been a lot of noise in the last couple of years that we were winning the war against STI infections, it turns out that the folks in Harare have been going the other way.

Condom uptake has increased across the country but infections in Harare have gone up by loads according to statistics published in The Sunday Mail:

 Harare City Council Health Department [reported that] 40 451 cases were recorded last year. Of these, women accounted for 25 733.

In 2009, 15 081 women and 9 045 men were infected.

The number of people I have come across who are simply not using condoms – either because they don’t care or some deluded love trip – and it is something I find a little sad to be honest. Not only that, some of them have multiple partners which simply makes the situation worse.

Of course, the numbers above are the recorded ones. There are tonnes of other people out there who are unrecorded.