Starvation in Kenya Goes Unattended

It is not glamorous enough to make the front pages because, hey. it is black people and in Africa.

Ten million people across the Horn of Africa are going hungry as the livestock upon which they depend die off because of severe drought, according to the United Nations.

In northern Kenya, towns have mushroomed as destitute families camp on the outskirts, hoping that well-wishers will give them food and water.

They are mostly women, children and the elderly. The young men have migrated to Somalia and neighbouring districts with their few surviving animals, although the situation is little better there.

Billow Kerrow, former Kenyan MP for Mandera Central and political economist, writes for Standard Media

Famine is now part of our nation’s branding. Hardly a month passes before we see shocking pictures of malnourished and starving Kenyans, feeding on wild berries or simply wasting away.

This crisis has been unfolding in the region for years but precious little has been done to even highlight it. Meanwhile the world spends many pages on what some British anorexic(by choice) model has worn today. In Africa hours are spent on who won Big Brother Africa an nothing on the plight of this forgotten part of Africa.

Kerrow continues

… those culpable will not be herded towards The Hague simple because a mass death by starvation is not an international crime.

Yet, all this can be avoided, if lives are allowed to matter for  a second. It breaks hearts when you hear some of the horrible things that are happening to people in northern Kenya.

You would like to think at one point reason will kick in and someone with influence is going to be brave enough to care about the next generation. As it is, it appears more lives have to be lost until something is done.

Is this what we have become?