Spirit Medium Talked To Baboons, Lions And A Snake

Villagers in the Ramahoro area under Chief Chiweshe were left in a state after the area’s spirit medium, Sekuru Katombo Kanyai, reportedly talked to lions, baboons and a snake after a traditional ceremony.

Yes, the svikiro not only spoke to these animals but punctuated all of this by having a fish-eagle, also known as the Zimbabwe bird, landing at his homestead a few days later.

Sekuru Kanyai’s homestead is apparently that of the legendary spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda.

Now, traditionalists have said that this means great things are about to happen following the landing of the emblematic bird. Believers are of the conviction that the landing is rare and symbolic.

According to Chief  Chiweshe Joseph Chigariro, Sekuru Kanyai first had a meeting with a delegation of baboons in language noone understood. Soon after a pride of lions came and delivered the same message as the baboons.

The Chief also talked about the landing of the bird saying that this was the third recorded incident of its landing in the histor of the country.

The first message was when the Zimbabwe bird led the people from Guruuswa during the First Chimurenga. The second one was during the Second Chimurenga and this is now the third such incident to be recorded.

A lot more of this stuff is now making the mainstream after being looked down upon as demonic by the public at large. This is after Christian settlers convinced the locals to ditch their own customs in favour of Western ones.

The fact that it is making the news now is not to say the incidences had gone AWOL but that they had gone underground after svikiros started being looked down upon.

Maybe there is some version of African awakening happening before our eyes. Allow people to believe.

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    So… what was the message from the Baboon and Lion delegations and when did the snake feature, or was it scared off by the fish-eagle? Lol, did you guys write this article yourselves (3mob)? There’s no other source cited.