Spelling Mistakes Are Bad for Business

Bad spelling on your website is bad for your business says a UK online entrepreneur.

Revenue was measured for a site called tighstplease.co.uk and it was found that it doubled when spelling mistakes were corrected.

With underlying concerns about fraud and the like, spelling has become of paramount importance. Often fraudulent sites are ridden with errors and users have become sensitive to that.

One of the main reasons why spelling is suspect is that a lot of the people being hired by companies are not very good at it. In fact I can say I have received quite a few CVs ridden with spelling mistakes. Some even use text speak like using u instead of you.

It is a damning indictment on the literacy levels of this generation as these have become all too common.

So if your website is not getting the kind of attention u wud lyk it 2 get, maybe it is tym u lukd at its speling… 😉