Does anyone know how to spell Gaddafi?

Going through the Internet you find all types of creative ways of spelling the name of Libya’s head nutter Muammar Gaddafi. Or is it Qattafi. Or maybe even Khadafy. Or while we at it we may as well call it Kadafi.

I don’t know. I have always had it as Gaddafi. I have seen Katafi as well. It is all a bit confusing.

Came across a nice article from Straight Dope and it made for an interesting read.  Quite amusing and interesting as well.

To cut things short the Business Insider says this

Looking at Google trends, the most popularly searched term for the man is “Gaddafi,” followed by “Kadafi.” “Kaddafi” and “Qaddafi” came in third and fourth, respectively.

Here is why we have trouble with spelling “Qaddafi”:

His name, rendered in Arabic, is “معمر القذافي,” roughly transliterates to “Muamar AlQadafi.” The part with his last name in question, is begins with a “ق” a Qoph, an Arabic letter that is definitely a “K” (if you ever studied Hebrew, its essentially the same letter as “kaf”).

If it’s that simple, then why do many places spell his name with a G? Arabic already has a G, which is not used to spell his name: that letter, ج , is called “gim” and corresponds to the Hebrew “gimel.”

Because, apparently, Libyans pronounce the qoph with the softer g-sound, even if Standard Arabic spelling dictates otherwise. That’s right, in all of Arabic literature, there’s only one way to spell Qaddafi.

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Sounds simple enough right.

Of course it does. Surely, someone has got to bring some sanity to the whole thing.  The only thing that is left is for him to go the Prince route and just have a symbol. And we could call him the dictator/fighter/despot/leader formerly known as [insert desired spelling here].