South African Woman Files Papers To Stop Tsvangirai Wedding – Reports

A South African woman has filed papers with the Magistrates Court in Harare in a bid to stop Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s wedding, according to various sources.

Nosipho Regina Shilubane says she met Tsvangirai in Singapore and they proceeded to have an affair. At some point the good Prime Minister promised to marry her. She even has pictures of them spending time on the beach and the sort.

Shilubane says she has had an affair with Tsvangirai since 2009 Sept, he was renting a place for her at Sandton

Shilubane is now probably handing in papers on the argument of breach of promise to marry. How much water that holds in Zimbabwe we have no idea but we came across a case we talked about in which a woman sued a businessman for breaking a promise to marry him. She said that she had sex with him under the pretense that they would get married and therefore she was suing him.

Shilubane’s papers come hot on the heels of those of Locardia Karimatsenga who lost a bid in the High Court to have the wedding stopped but was told to file papers with the Marriage Officer.

You have to really feel sorry for the PM now. Yes, he hasn’t handled things smartly and it is pretty much Tiger Woods Mark II but this is just too hectic. On the week leading to your wedding you really want to have issues that are not related to your trysts with your exes. That stuff should not be making the light of day.

As for the fiance, Elizabeth Macheka, yah… as they say in Zimbabwe, Ma1.

UPDATE: Magistrate will preside over the case at 3.30pm on Thursday

  • Rose Gwenzi

    That is good weldone Nosipho you and Locadia are in the same boat, fight our rights! NO WEDDING,

  • mafungiro angu

    Nonsense. Locardia had stronger footing than Nosipho – at least some money went to Locardia’s family. Now as for Nosipho, those are not grounds for stopping a wedding. She can sue for breach of promise to marry, nothing more!

  • YOLO

    I thought but now people would realize that Tsvangirai is the victim and this whole nonsense is staged, he even put a public apology when he messed with locadia explaining why he had to jump ship.

  • mdc

    the dictatorship is wetting their pants now. They can not stomach the idea of many african presidents gracing the future president’s wedding. They want to delay the process so that it would be too late for the invited dignitaries to confirm attendance. But ma zimabweans can see all this. They are now paying poor women to act as canon and fodder. Shame on the dictactoirship

  • zichanaka chete

    I don’t think our pm has got anything to do with all this hypocrisy. All these shenanigans are politically motivated and have got zany pf all over them. Zany we can see right through u. Just be content with the fact that your days are numbered and the young and vibrant tswangirai will move into the statehouse with his new wife like it or not.

    • Well ZANU-pf did not go on holiday on that cruise with the woman. At some point you have to be responsible for your decisions

  • meshellohbummer


    • Was wondering when someone would bring up the AIDS question

      • meshellohbummer

        And it was about time too. If my child said to me that when they grow up they would like to be like Tsvangirayi I would first talk to them about AIDS. This man makes it seem like there is no such thing. He is such a disgrace to our nation. People will rather focus on him being in power and turn a blind eye on his sleeping around. Come on! What the hell is this man teaching our kids?