South African Artist Back From The ‘Dead’

KWAZULU-Natal police are investigating a bizarre case – a man claiming to be dead multi-award winning maskandi (traditional Zulu folk music) artist Khulekani Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo.

Yesterday, officers conducted DNA tests and took fingerprints of the 31-year old man.

Khumalo had allegedly died in December 2009.

DNA test results are expected on Tuesday after which the police will know whether to take the case to the High Court to have the body exhumed.

There was a frenzy around his homestead and 20 armed policemen had to be sent in to barricade the area.

The man himself who is believed to be Khumalo, has not been allowed to wander outside. The family and the man believed to be Khumalo will hold a press conference later.

Some of his relatives, who are still shocked, described how they almost collapsed and how others ran away in fear when the artist suddenly emerged at the homestead on Saturday last week.

Khumalo himself, in a short interview with The Sunday Times claimed that the last two years were a mystery. He could only remember losing consciousness while in the company of members of his maskandi group, and nothing else.

His girlfriend, with whom he has a 6 year-old son has since moved in with him.

We are as keen as anyone to find out what really happened? What was he up to? Did he realise that he wasn’t singing anymore? Did he have amnesia? Did he go a bit mad? Did he stage this?

Source: Sunday World

  • Mambosolo

    Really weird . I believe in life after death . but where was this guy , did they really bury him ?

  • Baby-en

    Is it really him?

  • Mbulelomemela

    thats its not true guys

  • Pheaby

    hhhhhhhhhh kunzima but lets wait and see.

  • Beauty

    We will be waiting for DNA tests to confirm if he is really Mgqumeni he is fake.Please inform us of the outcome tomorrow

  • anonymous

    i would not be able to stay with him in the same house if we once buried him. shocking

  • Zsanele15

    unbelievable!! but if it’s him meaning african people there are so treacherous, how can a person perfom such thing. kungcono ukuba umchristian than to believe ezinyangeni ngoba zenza konke ziyabulala futhi ziphilise.

  • ntsika

    well being ignorant wont get us anywhere I’ve heard thiz stories threw out my life people cumming back from the grave and i always chose to ignore them but being a christian and believing in Jesus who died for my sins and was raised from death. and all the other people from the bible who were raised from death