Snake Crawls Out Of Woman During Deliverance Session [Link Inside]

As snake has crawled out of a woman during a deliverance session.

OK let’s write this again. A snake has crawled out of a woman’s private part during a deliverance session in Ghana. Look, we are probably the most skeptical when it comes to these things. This would have remained the same if we had not seen the video on Dailymotion.

So what happened was, this woman was being prayed for during a deliverance session when she felt something in her panties. She took them off and voila… a snake.

Bizarre thing? It was alive. Yes, a living snake.

That is that part of Africa…You know that part of Africa? That creepy part. There are things happening out there. Goblins and stuff.It is another world.

A live snake though… smh. Beats miracle money any given Sunday.

If you want to see it for yourself click here at your own risk. It might mess you up. NSFW.

Oh Africa.

  • Gotokoto

    Was the deliverance session in a hospital?

    • Did you look at the video?

      • Gotokoto

        Yes, it looked like the woman was laying on a hospital bed.

  • (un?) Holy Crap!

  • Muongorori

    But she’s on a hospital-type bed. Was this stage managed?
    What is NSFW?

    • IngoStaR*

      Not Safe For Work– in other words you probably don’t want your boss to swing by your desk asking if you’ve finished those reports and you’re watching this.