Sisters Selling Virginity In Bulawayo

Two sisters in Bulawayo’s suburb of Cowdray Park have turned their parents’ house into a brothel. They have been recruiting young girls and selling their virginity to willing buyers, according to B-Metro.

The house is officially doing hair salon business but if you ask for the ‘specials’ you will get them. Pricing is pegged at between $40 and $100 depending on how well endowed the girl is.

The article also says some of the girls in questions are minors, the majority of them coming from Luveve High School.

One would think that something this rampant would have been caught onto by the police. I mean if random people can find out about that ‘house’ where nefarious activities take place you would think that at some point the boys would get their hands on it. Unless of course they are paid off.

Many people knew about the house in Milton Park where pornography was being made but it took a while before something was done about it. There are many lodges and houses where stuff is happening but, alas, new victims will fall every single day.

Children or anybody for that fact should be exposed to things of that nature. When you read the article you find out that some of the girls were paid in the form of new hairstyles. Not to mention the diseases some of them must be contracting.

What future lies ahead for them, one wonders.

  • Simpson

    This is sad…. breaks my heart.

  • Sabuwu

    who are the sponsors

  • sasolo

    come on guys i live in cowdray park how come such things we have never heard. you should have at least reported on something like bouncers at Signpost disrupt kombi driver business. or prostitution at Masimini Night club. things which are so apparent. policemen as you know them will not act if something is happening at private homes, but at masimini yeish prostitution is rampant

  • tafmat

    don worri, siki, syphillis, gonorrhoea, condylomata accuminatta, herpes and my main man AIDS wil sort them out

  • Sad to see my neighborhood now associated with such. I was saddened with what i saw when i was there, sad. It’s high time we move out, go somewhere a bit quiet. Munhu wese angokwanisa kuwana $400 pcm is now living kuma cottage, cash strapped landlords being forced to let out, offices creeping all over the place. Should fetch a good money on the house though, the area is now prime.

    • Prime because of what? What should decide where a person stays if not that they can afford it

  • Superman

    “Children or anybody for that fact should be exposed to things of that nature”. 3-men, is this an error or it is so?