Silence Over Garissa Attacks Shows Black Lives Don’t Matter

At least 147 people mostly students were killed on Thursday when al-Shabaab militants carried out an assault on Garissa University in the north-east of Kenya.



It was the deadliest attack by the group on Kenya yet.

Bodies were found at the university face down with pullets at the back of the head showing that they had been shot execution style.

Four of the gunmen eventually died when their suicide vests detonated.

Now in all of this, there has been a relative silence, very little public condemnation except the odd one here and there from US president Barck Obama and the sort.

No hashtag or anything.

The public outcry over Charlie Ebdo was intense. Africans were also drawn into condemning the attacks. Ten times more people die in Africa and silence.

Silence even from the continent itself.

While some of our African leaders stood in queues to fight for the rights of whites to life, they cared not for those on this continent.

Where is the outrage? Where is the fire in the belly? Where are the statements of solidarity with the people of Kenya for whom this shock is palpable?

Maybe there is a need for a couple of pan-African TV stations to indoctrinate our people into believing we matter too. Right now the narrative is dictated by the West. So if they do not make a big deal about it then we tend not to.

Is caring about a black life too much to ask for?