Shocking Facebook Photo Subject to South Africa Police Investigation

South African Police are Investigating a shocking photo of a posted by Facebook user who identifies himself as ‘Eugene Terrorblanche’ posing over the seemingly lifeless body of a black child with a rifle in hand.

The photo is similar to an infamous one of the notorious white separatist Eugene Terre’Blanche.

This photo was posted on Facebook and is now subject to police investigation

It is not known whether the photo is real or doctored but the police are looking into the matter.

There has been a strong resurgence of white separatist groups since Terre’Blanche was killed in April 2010. This photo will do nothing to back those who claim that this view was that of a section of society’s imagination.

Source: This is Africa

  • Raymond Swart

    This is absolutely disgusting, joke or no joke and given SA’s record I hope this guy gets maximum punishment for this!!!

    • Anonymous


  • How sick can one get! It’s deplorable, and how doe he actually have the audacity to post it on facebook? I hope people who know the truth speak out. We cannot live in a society where monsters thrive and getaway with acts like this!

    • Anonymous

      I agree but it is up to us to make sure they can’t and won’t get away with this madness