Shamu Tough Talk On Piracy Just Hot Air

Media, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu came out with fighting talk about piracy and said that he wanted the laws that are in place to eliminate piracy are observed.

He said government would lobby the Justice Ministry to do this and to make sure that people who stole intellectual property (IP) were treated the same as livestock thieves.

Sounds like he is saying something that makes sense doesn’t it? Except we don’t buy it because the laws in place are pretty lax on issues to do with IP. The government itself is yet to recognise IP as a commodity and so to then say that we can deal with it by using current laws is pretty uninformed.

The copyright act is outdated and has been overtaken by technology. There is nothing that is said about how registration of IP in general can be made easier. Also are either ambiguous or non-existent which means that the real thing that ought to be happening is that the minister should really be making sure that the laws exist before trying to enforce them.

Only then can tough talk come with a walk.

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