Sean Kingston in Zimbabwe: Not Interested

I am sure there are loads of people out there who, God knows why, are pissing themselves in anticipation of the arrival of the latest artist to come and rape and pillage Harare. Yes, Sean Kingston is in town from tonight and he is going to make off with a couple of tens of thousands of United States Dollars.

Now before you call me a hater, I am like, we are bringing Sean Kingston, a chorus singer, to perform when Harare Hospital has had not water for a while. Yes people are dying at Harare Hostpital.

But it is the age-old argument. We want to do the whole tourism thing; Puts us on the map and what-not. Err… I haven’t seen anyone on twitter or facebook kick up a fuss about it. There has been more noise made about JJC and Zim All Stars’ release of the Zimbabwe mix of the We Are Africa track than Sean Kingston.

They have done well on their marketing inside Zimbabwe though. Loads of cars driving around with Sean Kingston information. And the dude will be at Joina City at lunch time on Thursday or Friday to meet fans. So they are more organised than some of the disastrous efforts made by other organisers before. I will give them that.

Why am I not going? Well I know all of two songs from the dude and I didn’t like either of them. In fact, on the one I might be tempted to like, he sings with Natasha Beddingfield and she isn’t coming so has he brought someone else to sing her part. And do I want to see that? I think not.

Also, if he is going to have a show for kiddies the day before, it will be a bit like me going to watch Barney of the Barney and Friends fame and justifying it on the basis of there being alcohol and a lot of other grown people.

Then I also heard that he really bombed in South Africa. Some even say the dude was doing a Milli Vanilli (That gets rid of my quote a 90s band that very few reading this will  know or remember). Yep they say the dude was lip-synching. I am just saying. Is the dude going to do any better here?

So Sean Kingston in Zimbabwe? I am not sure I care much. I am not saying you shouldn’t though.

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