Hangman’s Job: Applicants Claim to be Good at Killing

Applications have been flying in for the post of Zimbabwe’s hangman after a Senate Committee said that there were 55 deathrow inmates who had noone to execute their sentence.

However, Justice Ministry Permanent Secretary Maxwell Ranga said the post was not available as the country already had a hangman available on request. He said that the hangman was not a full-time employee of the government as executions did not happen often.

Said Ranga:

I was shocked to receive applications by several nationals who wanted to be employed as hangmen. Some applications were frightening as others plainly admitted they were killers.

Some indicated they were good at killing and that they should be considered for the post, which we had not advertised.
Yeah you heard that right. Some people said they were good at killing. I mean who says that?
Anyway, Ranga blamed the ministries associated for the delays in executions but warned inmates who were crying for speedy executions to be careful what they wished for.
 I do not see how these people on death row are being prejudiced. Are they crying for their immediate death? If they are lucky, the new constitution may abolish capital punishment or their sentences may be converted to life in jail considering the delay
Still can’t get over someone claiming that they are good at killing.
Source: Newzimbabwe