Satanists Caught Drinking Blood At Accident Scene

A Satanist cult has been caught helping itself to blood at an accident scene near Mberengwa in Zimbabwe where four children had died on the spot.

Clad in black robes the cult members were the first to scene after a hit and run accident. When villagers arrived they found the crew helping themselves to blood.

Chief Bvute commissioned a witch-hunter or tsikamutanda to sniff out these ‘Satanists’.

The exercise resulted in people having all types of creatures and objects in their houses as well as a lot of blood.

The incident has been confirmed by the headman for the area.

Cases of supernatural have increased over the last couple of months. Just recently a child was said to have been a victim of juju after a man transformed into snake and entered him through the mouth. A blast in recent weeks which claimed a Chitungwiza sangoma was first blamed on the supernatural before the police put it down to a bomb.

With Zimbabwe being a deeply spiritual country, the tendency to use the supernatural to explain events is widespread…

But this business of people drinking blood though… how do you PR that?

With information from B Metro

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