Satanism At Harare School: Real Or Fear Of The Unknown?

One of the hottest stories this week is that of the alleged satanism at Harare’s Yamuranayi Primary School.

Essentially some dodgy things have been happening there.The Herald said, there was talk of one child turning into a snake and sometimes a bird. Then it was 30 kids “exhibiting extraordinary strength while speaking in unusual voices and tongues” with others bleeding from noses or breaking into Satanic trances.

Since then some parents have withdrawn their children for fear of having their offspring converted to Satanism.

Now it is easy to dismiss this as sensationalism. To our intimate knowledge we have never come across Satanists. Does that however mean that they do not exist?

A quick Google check using the terms ‘satanism harare zimbabwe’ dug up some rather weird results. The first two were from the site meetup where people expressed specific interest in finding fellow believers in Lucifer. That means there is clandestine activity that happens under the cover of darkness (double-entendre there).

Sure, sensationalism around Satanism exists. How many times have we been convinced kuti someone anoroya (casts spells on people) with convenient evidence? However, the absence of confirmation of suspicion does not mean that it is not happening.

Having said that, could there be something more scientific going on? The government has sent psychologists to have a look. Will they come up with something that will make us believe  that the world is a much safer place than our fears would like us to believe.

Whatever happens, think of it this way. If Emmanuel Makandiwa and TB Joshua can cause people to break out into trances and tongues, if the dark lord indeed does have a representation here, would he not also be able to do the same.

What makes me sick is that, if they are real, why are they corrupting little kids?

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