Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi Arrested… The NTC Says Again

The major networks are reporting that the son of the deceased, deposed Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif Al-Islam has been arrested in the south of the country while trying to make his way to Niger.

This will be the third ‘arrest’ made but the major networks are reporting it as having happened. No independent sources other NTC have confirmed his arrest.

They say he was arrested in Ubari region of the country. He would now be moved to Zintan which is a bit of a distance. So what happens to him next will depend on whether he survives that journey.

The rhetoric seems to be that the people who captured him want credit for it and to be able to decide what happens to him next. Analysts say that he is unlikely to be sent to the International Criminal Court. They say the widely held view is that he should be tried and answers to questions should be extracted from him about what happened in the time of the conflict. After that, they want him executed.

The news will come as a blow to the remaining resistance to the NTC.

Col Gaddafi himself was killed on October 20 when forces of Libya’s new regime stormed his home town of Sirte.

UPDATE: Saif Al-Islam will be tried in Libya. The NTC will invite international observers for the trial and will co-ordinate with the ICC.

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