SA Judge Rules Kids Can Have Sex With Each Other

A South African judge has ruled that children between the ages of 12 and 16 can have consensual sex with each other.

Judge Pierre Rabie made the ruling in Pretoria court after the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children, supported by the Centre for Child Law challenged the Sexual Offences Act.

The reason? The fact that young girls do not come in for abortions for fear of being done in by the law for consensual sex. They also said the law impinged on the rights of children to privacy. The justice minister and the National Director of Public Prosecutions opposed the application.

The fear among some circles is that there will be an increase in sexual violence among children below the age of 16. Also some children fearing their abusers will then use the loophole that says the sex was consensual to help perpetrators dodge justice.

While on the surface it looks like it protects the children from the law, it would be scary to think that your child, hanging out with her friends can now have consensual sex with them. And the law can’t touch them.

Yes, your sweet little baby, not a teen yet, can do the things adults do, legally.

This world.

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