SA cops intercept car with 23 possibly Zimbabwean trafficking victims – report

A report says South African officials have intercepted a vehicle carrying 23 people being trafficked in a bakkie and they are suspected to be Zimbabweans.

Jacaranda News says the victims were in Pretoria. The 23 are include 2 babies 3 women & boys between the ages of 11-24.

They have been treated for dehydration and they are fine.

Earlier this week Sky News in an investigative report revealed that trafficking of Zimbabweans had become rife with some being sold off as wives in South Africa.

While some are fleeing the harsh economic environment in the country in search of a better future, others are reportedly kidnapped.

Three Zimbabwean men and  South African woman are facing 62 charges of murder, rape, robbery and extortion as part of a trafficking syndicate. They are believed to have kidnapped over 100 Zimbabweans, killed some of them including two Harare women. The four go on trial in October and November.

This is a developing story