SA Charges 270 Miners With Murder

Using a law that the ANC campaigned against during apartheid South Africa has charged 270 miners with murdering their 34 colleagues.

Using the infamous common purpose law, a favourite of the white apartheid government to clamp down on its enemies, the court has charged even those who were unarmed and standing behind.

What the ANC has done is turn victims into bad people. Not only are these miners mourning the death of their comrades at the hands of the police, now they are being accused of causing death. In fact, of killing them.

This is nothing short of stupid if you ask us. Not only are the killings themselves synonymous with apartheid but the handling has taken South Africa back to that era. The government is already accused of being disconnected and callous. Now they have proven their critics right.

Add to that the fact that police have been accused of beating up over 150 miners in detention. There is an investigation to be carried out but noone believes the police will get into trouble.

How the ANC chooses to make itself so vulnerable is beyond us.

Meanwhile the miners are still on strike.