No Rocket Scientist Needed in Egypt

As the dust settles on Revolution Square in Egypt, we are a bit uneasy about whats going to happen next in the land of the pharaohs. The government has promised to have elections within six months and the people are upbeat about their recently  found freedom.With almost every newspaper heralding the arrival of democracy in Egypt we wonder if this will continue to be the case.

The country is now being led by the military, a very dangerous situation, by all accounts especially if these military men were appointed by the same person that the revolution deposed. Usually generals are very loyal people it is very possible that Honsi although away from center stage may still be consulted on certain things, (we don’t buy that stroke or heart attack story it smirks of propaganda)

As we all know the behavior of politicians should always be treated with great suspicion more so African leaders, who have been known not to spare the rod to those labeled as enemies of the state. Is it possible that this is just a ploy to disperse the crowds in order to deal with certain individuals one by one, in the dark of the night far from the madding crowd and the prying cameras of the foreign press? Does the world really think those in power will kindly give up the throne to those who have been their sworn enemies for years ?

For a dictator to be powerful he simply uses a system of patronage that ensures that both politicians and some key business people within a country are rewarded for maintaining his power it would be foolish to think that these people who in most cases control the infrastructure and institutions that are of economic importance will gladly step aside when they have the resources to hold on a little longer even with diminished power. The answer to this does not need rocket scientists.

The best way to squeeze a person especially a violent energetic one is to starve them take away their ability to take care of their families and soon their survival will be priority in this case one might not have much strength to pursue liberty . So we foresee this political yoyoing by those in power try to fatigue the people in a more brutal manner. Its likely that a slow system of elimination has already begun people have been to to go back home and the foreign press were being sent away to.

It must also be remembered too that Hosni, although sent away by his people still has friends in highers places and over the years had never really been condemned for whatever he did. This shows us he was good at maintaining his end of the bargain like maintaining peace with Israel for instance, therefore will Hosni’s friends be willing to see certain individuals who are less sympathetic to Israel come to power ? Freedom comes with a big price tag, and for now there is rejoicing on the streets yet we all know when the cow dung hits the fan those suffering will suffer more but we hope it ends well for our brothers.