Richard Branson Responds to Wikileaks About Him on Zimbabwe

Virgin’s Richard Branson has used his blog to respond to a cable that alleged that he was willing to pay off African leaders and President Robert Mugabe himself for the Zimbabwean head of state to stand down.

Said Branson:

I did discuss the idea with Dr(sic) Jonathan Moyo – the former Zimbabwean Information Minister.

But some media have claimed I was prepared to offer Mugabe a financial incentive to stand down. This is completely untrue.

I should add that the idea for an African leaders meeting with Mugabe didn’t go anywhere. It was a year or so later that Mugabe signed a power-sharing agreement with Morgan Tsvangirai after Zimbabweans had suffered even more economic distress, with food shortages, cholera and millions of people hungry.

He also added that he was happy to see progress in Zimbabwe adding that there was still a long way to go.