Qatar 2022 World Cup quandary

Football fans like to get crazy and get as close to debauchery as humanly possible. That is just the rules of the game. Do things that are just on the edge of reason.

So there must be a bunch of fans out there who are the thinking ‘wtf’ after the suits in Zurich decided that the FIFA World Cup was going to be hosted by the super-rich Qataris. Must have been the Qatar Airways thing that swung vote. That and pretty piss-poor options for 2022.

Well all seemed a bit harmless till it sank in that public drinking and getting drunk is forbidden under Sharia Law which is the Islamic Judicial system used in Qatar. So in essence you could get arrested or get deported for having a bender. So what is the point?

And if you happen to kiss the missus in public, clink, you’re off to the slammer and your face is on Sky if you are British.

A whole bunch of other laws are in place designed to make you think you going to church brunch rather than a football festival.

Oh just in case you wanted to carry some porn with you, err… clink!

Mr Blatter and his mates should surely have a plan in place other than lining pockets with wads of the greens. No? Really? That’s it?


Well, have fun with that

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