Pupil Allegedly Turns Into Snake At A Harare School – ZBC:

State media is publishing ‘unconfirmed reports’ that a Harare school child has turned into a snake this morning.

ZBC says that a Kuwadzana 6 Primary School pupil transformed into a snake after a man who claimed to be a religious minister arrived at the school and ‘prayed’ for the child.

This was after the pupil had picked up a R2 coin. Some of the pupils at the schools have reportedly been sent home by authorities, said ZBC.

Our contacts in Kuwadzana though, not that area, say they have heard nothing of the it.

A person responding on ZBC’s Facebook page, Mattias Kufandimbwa said,

Been talking to Mr Chitembure a teacher at the school nothing like that happened.

Reports on supernatural activities in Zimbabwe have been on the increase in the last couple of years, goblins being high on the list. In a country that gives a lot of credence to the spiritual world, it is no wonder that the story has caught fire. Then of course, the Christians blame Satanism.

At this point we are still a bit skeptical but if it’s true, creepy!

Click here for the updated version of the story.

  • mimosa

    inga ma1 vanhu veku harare moda mari steregi ndosaka almost all the cases in Mashonaland