Prime Minister’s Question Time Returns. Will Tsvangirai Fancy It?

So Prime Minister’s Question Time makes its return to the calendar this session of parliament.

The last time this was seen was 1988 when executive presidency was adopted. Essentially it is a time when legislators ask the Prime Minister questions about the running of government.

Question is whether the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai will fancy it much given that he will have to do a lot of his thinking on the fly and we know he is not very good at that. Also having to think that quickly when you have naughty members who want to show you up can be a bit of a fight.

It will make for interesting times in government, that is one thing for sure. It will also reveal what parliamentarians view as important when given an opportunity to directly interrogate the hair of the Council of Ministers.

Do you think he can handle it? Tell us what you think.

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