Presidential Motorcade in Accident At Borrowdale Village

The presidential motorcade has been involved in another accident, this time at Borrowdale village, Harare, this Wednesday morning.

According to accounts on the ground, the motorcade was coming from Borrowdale on its way to town when the dude in the leading bike hit into the side of a T35 lorry while he was trying to clear traffic. His bike exploded on impact and he was burnt beyond recognition.

This will be the third accident this year alone that the motorcade has been involved in and the first time that one of its crew members has died. (CORRECTION: The rider is not the first to die from the motorcade crew)

It looks as if in a country where accident-rates are increasing with over 30 having died this past weekend alone, the motorcade is becoming less immune to crashes.

Our thoughts go out to the rider’s family.

  • joshequinn

    it blew up?? like that? that’s like hollywood shit dude!!! whoa!!! that’s hectic. whoops. major condolences to the family. at least it was a pretty instantaneous death I imagine. probably to quick to know what had happened. there’s consolation in that.

  • lurker133

    Sorry I don’t have a reference but if I correctly recall an article I read on the subject that would be at least the 13th officer to have died – over decades, but still…