President Mugabe at the UN General Assembly: Factual and Rebellious

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe gave a powerful address to the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations, on Thursday. He touched on various subjects ranging from NATO’s involvement in Libya, UN reform and Palestinian statehood and membership to the body.

The firebrand Zimbabwe Head of State spoke at length of NATO’s illegal occupation on Libya which has been disguised as a push for democracy stating that the process of dialogue had not been given the time of day to play out. He also bemoaned the nature in which after the bombing was done there was unashamed scramble for the North African country’s resources.

After over twenty thousand NATO bombing sorties that targeted Libyan towns, including Tripoli, there is now unbelievable and most disgraceful scramble by some NATO countries for Libyan oil, indicating thereby that the real motive for their aggression against Libya was to control and own its abundant fuel resources. What a shame!

He referred to NATO as the new ‘liars and aggressors’ preceded by that of the US and UK’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan which had been fraught with deliberate inaccuracies to legitimise invasion.

President Mugabe also lended his support to Palestinian statehood which has been opposed by the United States.

The International Criminal Court received criticism for its selective justice.

We in Africa are also duly concerned about the activities of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which seems to exist only for alleged offenders of the developing world, the majority of them Africans. The leaders of the powerful Western States guilty of international crime, like Bush and Blair, are routinely given the blind eye. Such selective justice has eroded the credibility of the ICC on the African continent.

President Mugabe then added to a growing chorus of members, calling for reforms in the United Nations and said he found it baffling that Africa remained the only continent without permanent representation on the Security Council.

On indgenisation and empowerment in Zimbabwe the president said:

When we in Zimbabwe sought to redress the ills of colonialism and racism, by fully acquiring our natural resources, mainly our land and minerals, we were and still are subjected to unparalleled vilification and pernicious economic sanctions, the false reasons alleged being violations of the rule of law, human rights, and democracy.

Zimbabwe also pledged to continued supporting UN efforts in its modest way.

You can read the full text of the speech on New Zimbabwe

  • Tafmak3000

    After reading Pres RGM’s address if you read Israel Prime Minister’s address you’ll realize that as an institution the UN is too divided and opposed to work.

    • Well the whole world bar 10 or so countries pretty much speak the same language.. a minority is divisive.