President Mugabe Blasts Current Crop Of African Leaders

President Robert Mugabe took the occasion of his 88th birthday to take aim at the current crop of African leaders calling them ‘cowards’ and ‘sellouts’.

In an interview last night with the ZBC, he also added that Africa was in its worst state ever and the younger generation would soon revolt if the situation remained the same.

Not only have they become cowards, but have become sellouts of our own people. Betraying, betraying the nations of Africa. That’s that AU thing. They just think of money, money, money. Material things! If I speak against Britain and Britain is paying part of my budget, it is providing money I need for my hospitals, where shall I get this money? If I talk against France and I need French money to pay soldiers, to pay my civil servants, ah, where shall I get the money? That’s the consideration. You go and kneel before Sarkozy, you go and kneel before David Cameron, kneel before Obama and say yes we shall do all you want us to do. All these leaders, and when you are kneeling, you are making your nation kneel before these young imperialists.

President Mugabe said the current crop of leaders betrayed the legacy of such people as Kwame Nkrumah who said at the formation of the then Organisation of African Unity, that Ghana would never consider itself free if any part of Africa remained the yoke of colonialism.

He was particularly uncomplimentary of west African leaders and expressed hope that the next crop of southern African leaders wouldn’t go the same route. Ivory  Coast is an example of a government which was taken over by the French while African leaders watched.

President Mugabe also bemoaned those who voted with the West on African issues. He was speaking of the United Nations Security Council vote on Libya which led to the removal of  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.