Potential Conflict of Interest in Twalumba’s Donation to CID?

An article appeared in the local government  government rag The Herald ran with headline ‘Company donates cash, computers to CID’.

It says:

THE Criminal Investigations Department last Thursday received 20 computers and 1 000 litres of fuel from Twalumba Holdings to fight crime.

The company also pledged US$100 000 as prize money for detectives honoured for excellence this year.
The department also received annual Internet subscription, cartridges, bond paper, printers and US$25 000 for an income generating project.

On a quarterly basis, the CID receives 1 000 litres of fuel from Twalumba Petroleum.

Now am I the only one seeing a conflict of interest right there? I mean, what happens if there is some nasty business going on at Twalumba. How likely is there going to be a calling in of a favour by the sponsor.

I am not in any way suggesting that either party is corrupted by this deal but it does leave room for it.

It is noble of Twalumba to do this but it is not a good look and the fact that it can be open to abuse is all there for all to see.