Police Issue International Arrest Warrant For Fraudster Buyanga

Francis Buyanga(left) pictured with John Barnes

Zimbabwean police have issued an international arrest warrant for fraudster, Frank Buyanga. He fled the country last year and the last time we heard of him he was living in South Africa although it is now believed he is in Kenya.

His fingerprints have been forwarded to Interpol.

Buyanga is said to have swindled over 500 property owners in Zimbabwe, among them politicians, musicians and businesspeople through his money-lending company, Hamilton Finance.  He would lend money – between $2,000 and $60,000 – at 10% and then if payment was late he would charge 1% penalty every single day.

Police have since asked the Attorney-General’s office to get Buyanga’s extradition while an application has been made with the Ministry of Affairs to physically track him down.

He is described as slippery and possessing different Zimbabwean birth certificates and passports.

And they this stuff only happens in the movies.

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